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Majestic Security Compliance Products for Mortgage Brokers

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Majestic Security is the Preferred Provider for Compliance Solutions for NAMB
National Association of
Mortgage Professionals

Member Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

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Compliance Products


We have taken a very complex issue and developed a common sense AML program that will accomplish what FenCENs intent is: to help prevent money laundering and fraud, while making your firm compliant. By utilizing the AML Check List we provide when beginning a new file, we have created a simple assessment to screen each and every new potential customer. The best part, we do all the work for you by providing your firm with a customized compliance and supervisory procedures written policy.


Compliance and Supervisory Procedures Policy:

  1. Firms Policy and mission statement

  2. Giving AML Information to Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and Other Financial Institutions

  3. Checking the Office of Foreign Assets Control Listings

  4. Customer Identification Program

  5. General Customer Due Diligence Risk Check List

  6. Due Diligence Private Banking Accounts/Foreign Political Figures

  7. Compliance with FinCEN’s Special Measures against Foreign Jurisdictions

  8. Monitoring Accounts for Suspicious Activity

  9. Suspicious Transactions and BSA Reporting

  10. AML Recordkeeping

  11. Training Programs

  12. Program to Independently Test AML Program

  13. Monitoring Employee Conduct and Accounts

  14. Confidential Reporting of AML Non-Compliance

  15. Additional Risk Areas

  16. AML Reporting Overview

  17. Copy of a SARs Report

  18. Links to Government Sites

  19. AML Checklist - Customer Risk Assessment

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